Gili Secondary School

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We prepare them to be independent, Aggressive and creative.

This is a girls Boarding school registered by ministry of education with
N0. s4375. Form four examination (Center ) number is S.4565. it is located at kibaha Maili Moja B,2km off Morogoro road.If you are driving from Dar es salaam you will bypass Maili Moja and TAMCO and then turn right to the road taking you to Bagamoyo from Kibaha.
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Here at Gili Girls Secondary School, we strive to provide quality education that will enable our students to cope with the social, economic and technological changes of the modern world.
Facilities: Equipped Library,Equipped Laboratory,Conducive studying environment,Good sport grounds,BIO Gas system
Standby Generator,Dawasco water supply,Natural garden.

This 'Happy and Hardworking' school goes to great lengths in ensuring that every student achieves as much as possible during their educational journey with us. With the students' physical and spiritual well being paramount in our hearts, we give them room to be 'Creative rethinkers'.
With its disciplined, secure, caring and stimulating environment, GILI is 'Where Tomorrow Begins.'

Students participate in various extra-curicular activities. We believe that this is important for the intellectual development of our students. They participate in various sports activities such as football, basketball, netball, to mention but a few. Occasionally the students also take part in inter-school competitions.


  • Shule ya 6 kati ya 46 kimkoa . na nishule ya 31 kati ya shule1162 kitaifa kwenye mtihani wa taifa wa kidato cha nne 2015
  • Shule ya 3 kati ya 43 kwa kibaha Pwani katika mitihani ya Mock ya TAHOSSA form II 2015
  • Shule ya 2 kati ya 16 kwenye mtihani wa pre national wa kidato cha nne katika shule binafsi mkoani pwani 2015
  • Kidato cha nne wote wamefaulu kujiunga na kidato cha tano "Advance". Shule imeshika nafasi ya 7 kati ya 84 kimkoa na ya 45 kati ya 2097 kitaifa
  • Kidato cha pili wote wapepata "DISTINCTION" katika matokeo ya mtihani wa taifa 2014
  • Shule ya 3 kati ya 44 kwa kibaha Pwani katika mitihani ya Mock ya TAHOSSA form II 2014
  • Shule ya 14 kati ya 323 kwa kanda ya mashariki katika mitihani ya MOCK FORM IV EZEB 2014
  • Shule ya 5 kati ya 38 kwa kibaha katika mitihani ya mock FII 2013
  • Shule ya 19 kati ya 367 kwa kanda ya mashariki katika mitihani ya Taifa FII 2013
  • Shule ya 36 kati ya 365 kwa kanda ya mashariki katika mitihani ya taifa form II 2012,
  • Shule ya 3 kati ya 48 kwa kibaha katika mtihani wa mock form II 2012

Fast desk service "0714477216"

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